Why Is The Library Descriptive Essay

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Thesis Statement: The library is a good place for relaxation at Limestone College.

When I was my first day of classes at Limestone College, I went to do some homework, which Miss Stubblefield sent me about a descriptive essay, Moreover, I was so confused because in my room would be extremely weird to write this essay because I did not have a desk to study. However, I started thinking, and the first place to think was the famous ¨Library¨. Even though was my first day of classes, I was so embarrassed to go alone to the library, I thought that everyone was going to say, that I am a nerd. Before going to the library, I took a deep breath and I moved my legs as fast as I could and I went upstairs to the second floor to stud. It was very weird, because, everyone was studying in the library and especially, there were so many people alone doing homework, also, that day was amazing, that
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Guys come for so many things like I mentioned before, such as studying, classes, work in the computers, etc… Furthermore, every moment I spent there, time goes by so fast because, this place is so quite and relaxing, everyone is doing their homework and it is a social place when you finally could get a partner to know and start studying with him. That is the reason why I live here and that is why I love the library. Overall, the best thing about it is that the library opens at 6 am and it closes at 11 pm. That means that you have almost all the day to come here to finish your homework or if you just not have any homework you could just go there to read a book or listen to music with your headphones, because this place is amazing. Every single time I go there, I feel like I am in a completely different world. Extremely relaxed and that means that I really appreciate this place. Moreover, I believe this because I feel in so much peace there and I feel so excited everytime I see everyone studying there as
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