Why Is The Magazine Important

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The Magazine The American Revolution (led by Colonial Williamsburg) started with the Magazine. This building has historical significance, relevance for citizens today, and it connects to the motto, “That the future may learn from the past.” The Magazine had guns and weapons the troops could use for war. The Revolutionary War did start with the Magazine. And they kept there gunpowder there, so they tried to keep it safe. This is the reason this building should get the commemorative coin for this year, because without the Magazine the American Revolution would have been unsuccessful. This building has had quite a few historical significances. Some equipment in the Magazine was gunpowder, and Lord Dunmore stole it, claiming he did so because of slaves coming to try to steal some. This is what started the Revolutionary War, because the townspeople got angry with Lord Dunmore and started to take action. The Magazine housed guns such as, as many as 3,000 Brown Bess flintlocks and flints. Some other items were tools, swords, pikes, canteens, cooking utensils, and shot. This was helpful for the Revolutionary War, because they were fighting and needed defense.…show more content…
It still houses many old and new muskets/guns and cannons that were actually used. This became a museum where people can tour to and look at all of the weapons and tools, then it reopened for exhibition. This was the storage for the Revolutionary War and it’s still open for exhibition with all of the weapons and tools from the Revolutionary War. This is not just for their tools and weapons, they also kept their clothing and armour in there for body protection. It also houses ammunition for the guns/muskets. The other buildings don’t have this, so this building is a good choice for the commemorative
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