Why Is The Military Important To You Essay

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There are many reason why I have chosen to work on the topic of our military throughout the last few weeks. The main reason is because I am now a member of our military and I want to be best informed on the issues in which i will be partaking in. I feel that this has allowed me to educate myself on some issues i never would have known about. Over theses few weeks i have learned about what roles our government has in the military, while also finding some pretty surprising information along the way.

I have learned a great deal of information on our military during this project. One that really jumps out at me is the amount of places in which we are stationed in. in Iraq, “troops announced on wednesday they were in ‘full control’ of eastern
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I have so much respect for anyone who is serving or has served in the armed forces. Our military does more than just fight people over seas. They go around in our communities and clean stuff up and help people who are in hard times. The other reason that the military is important to me is because i am now a member of the military. Many people don 't get the brotherhood aspect of the military. Its like you have a lot of older and younger brothers and sister. Some possible problems with the military is that there are some people out there who are fully against the military. This could be a problem with funding and such.

There are some long term consequences surrounding our military, Like “fielding of the nuclear-capable long range weapon.” (Article 17) Of course, death is a huge part of our military. People die everyday fighting for our freedoms. Even recently “a soldier from Massachusetts died in iraq.” (Article 12) Every day our men and women of the armed forces are put into harm 's way as afghan national security official appeal to the U.S. “to provide aircraft to bad ground operations.” (Article 7) Even at training they are put at risk when “four soldier at Fort Campbell were injured in a helicopter crash.” (Article
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