Why Is The NFL Unnecessary?

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If it isn’t broken why fix it, which is a phrase the NFL needs to live by. The NFL has changed many long standing rules and traditions. The people that make the changes are turning the NFL into a ‘’soft league’’. The NFL needs to repeal the head slap, pass interference and offensive holding rules. The National Football League has created some pointless rules. The pass interference rule is one of the worst. The rule is completely bogus. In the game of football you should be allowed to push and change the receiver’s route. In today’s game if you touch the receiver after five yards off the line of scrimmage, the official would throw a penalty flag and send the defense back fifteen yards from the spot of the foul. This rule gives the receiver an unfair advantage, which is not
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They made offensive holding a penalty. Offensive holding is where the lineman holds the defensive lineman to where he can’t go by him. But isn`t that the offensive lineman`s job to block the defense and protect the ball. After a while the defense starts to complain and cry to the referees and they eventually throw a flag. The referees wouldn’t throw a flag if the offence was complaining, so why should they for the defense. Roger Cordell the commissioner of the NFL needs to repel this rule because it is not right to give the defense an advantage. It wouldn`t be much fun to play ageist a defense that always wins. Even if so the game would be very boring because the defense wouldn’t let the offense go ant where. The NFL has many more unnecessary rules and hopefully most of thin will be reaped and never talked about again. But ever though there are these rules we still have to play football. Even if these rules are never removed we still choose to play the game of football. If we reaped the NFL would make money. The fans would by more jerseys and teams would have more fans. Causing the NFL to make a lot of
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