Why I Want To Be A National Guard Essay

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The United States National Guard is an excellent career choice for people all over the country. Many people take the National Guard path to fulfill their career needs. The National Guard, like any career, has its problems within the job. The National Guard’s main issues are with deployment. The National Guard takes parents away from their families for months, and even years, at a time to serve their country in foreign lands all over the map. Also, the government takes soldiers away from their country’s homeland, which means that there are not any Guard soldiers to keep the United States safe from foreign countries planning to attack us. National Guard is a career that many people choose to do for a long section of their life, but sometimes they learn what the National Guard can put them, their families, and the United States through, such as being deployed and being overseas instead of working on homeland security. National Guard soldiers are starting to get deployed more often, which puts stress on the families of the National Guard soldiers. This…show more content…
Thousands of people choose the National Guard as a way of life every year. Although there are obvious issues with choosing the National Guard as a career path, many people enjoy being a part of this brother and sisterhood. The issues that people in the National Guard face include the stress put on the families of deployed National Guard soldiers, being deployed and working with homeland security at the same time, and dealing with the threats of foreign countries’ attacks against the United States. Many people choose to make the National Guard their life path, but they learn all of the sacrifices they must make to serve their country. Most people notice all of the main issues with the National Guard, but some people are still willing to take the risk and go through the stress to serve their
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