Why Is The New Deal Successful

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The Great Depression was a dark time in history where 13 million workers were jobless and companies were suffering. The Great Depression occurred in the 1930’s. Stock markets crashed, companies went out of business, and people were unemployed and poor. The president at the time, Herbert Hoover, was unsuccessful in his ability to stop the Great Depression which made lots of people head towards the president after him, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). FDR was successful and the Great Depression ended in 1939. The New Deal was successful because it protected farmers and Found work for millions of people. The New Deal helped farmers by paying them not to grow certain crops. This was beneficial to farmers and to our society because the farmers would earn more…show more content…
The WPA ( Works Progress Administration) built schools, hospitals, post offices, and many other buildings which gave tons of unemployed people jobs and money. After the people got jobs they spent money in stores which helped our economy even more. The WPA also Gave jobs to people to build hospitals, schools, and post offices (benefit whole community) (E). This improved the economy a ton because after the people were done working they would go out and spend money. In addition to hiring people to build roads and schools, the government also gave jobs to writers, artists, actors, and teachers (E). The WPA created by FDR’s New Deal was helpful to tons of unemployed people and our economy because it gave lots of people jobs, so they had money to spend on other goods. Overall, The New Deal was successful to our economy and the people in our economy because it made people money which allowed them to buy more goods and it also gave tons of unemployed people jobs. For this reason the New deal was very successful and FDR ended the Great Depression in 1939. If we didn't have the New Deal we might still be in the Great Depression

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