Why Is The Odyssey Still Alive

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For me, Odyssey is one of the famous ancient Greek epic written by Homer. I see that the Greek epic was indeed rich in culture and interesting. I like the story plot cause it is full of adventure, romance, humor, and it tells us about mythology. I love the way Odyssey 's wife waited for him to return even though there are no clues if he is still alive or not. It 's fun to watch because it 's full of action and his adventure in different places. I just don 't know if some scenes are just not good to watch. I enjoyed watching it. Loyalty, perseverance, cleverness, and braveness. Odysseus’ adventure for me is just so “AMAZING”. It’s indeed supernaturally wonderful. So amazing because he was imprisoned for seven years by Calypso. He fought with the Cyclops. He encountered the Sirens, Laestrygonians, Lotus Eaters, and a lot more. What a battle-filled life! No matter how many obstacles Odysseus faced, he still lived. Not only because, he was helped by his ally Athena, the goddess of wisdom, which is undeniably great. But more importantly, because he had the will to conquer them all, for the one reason: to go back home and be reunited with his family. Just like in our everyday life. We are being exposed to tons of…show more content…
The second thing I like about the story is the profound loyalty of Penelope to “the love of her life’ Odysseus. Everybody could say that Penelope’s stunning, alluring, elegant, and rich woman. She got lots of suitors since Odysseus left. Finding another man would be so sweat less. However, she was introduced to be a “stick to one” woman, who I find to be rare in that time zone and she’s only promised her heart to one lucky man. Imagine how tiring it is to wait for years. Her son had already grown-up as a fine man. Can be humorous, but, she waited. For Penelope and I, or maybe even all the ladies believed that “Love is patient” and that “True love waits”. Some would find it
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