Why Is The Railroads Important In The 19th Century

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Railroads throughout the later 19th century of history have come to play a major role for the development of small towns we know of today. The railroads played a role into the development of the small town we know as Corinth, MS, which is located in the Alcorn County area. Corinth was known as a hilly town and an agricultural state, but it soon changed due to the fact of the railroads. Corinth was able to create a good strong defensive area due to the town’s railroads. The railroads played a useful role during the time of the Civil War because it could provide the Union and Confederate armies with communication, transportation of troops, and food. The railroads were used during many other times throughout our history for things such as transportation.
Furthermore, the railroads crossings in Corinth, MS had a significant effect on the United States during the half of the 19th century. The railroads played a huge role during the Civil War, and they were used for many things for instance they were used for communication. The railroads that were located in Corinth had connected to many states, cities, and bodies of water. The Union Army believed that the railroads were a lifeline for the Confederate Army because the Confederate used the railroads to transport soldiers, weapons, food, and communicated all
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The railroads were located in Corinth, which the Union and Confederate armies fought for control of the town because the railroads were situated at the intersection of the east, west, north, and south. The railroads were very important to both the Union and Confederate armies because the railroads provided food, communication, and transportation for troops. Corinth today uses railroads still so they can transport their goods for their companies that way it would get there on time instead of taking those long drives or trying to fit tons and tons of the goods on an

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