Why Is The Road Not Taken In The Outsiders Essay

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Our problems are not what define us, it is how we respond to them. Life defining decisions are built up over time leading you to a fork in the road. The path maybe simple but that does not mean that when you get to a fork in the road the decision will be any easier. Although I truly believe that people face more than one fork in the road in their lifetime. It is too unrealistic to say there's only one, because how would someone know they do not live your life. S. E. Hilton the author of The Outsiders creates the characters Pony boy the main character and Jonny his friend has in order to show us that tough decisions are hard either way you decide to go. When on a journey forks in the road appear, because life is not a straight easy path to heaven. Decisions we make on our journey may cause these forks in the road, but as long as you “Stay Gold” even the consequences will turn out ok someday. Throughout the book Ponyboy and Johnny face decisions that ultimately lead to some life changing moments. The first fork in the road that the book explains is when Johnny has to decide whether to kill the “socs” who is drowning Ponyboy or let him die and save himself. A fork in the road that throughout the book defines Johnny in every decision he ends up making. When Johnny kills the “socs” it's…show more content…
The Outsiders tells us that Greasers are “almost like hoods; we steal things and drive old souped-up cars and hold up gas stations and have a gang fight every once in a while”. Naturally they are supposed to do the bad thing, in which case that should have ran from the fire not even caring that it might be there fault. Dallas was the perfect example he wanted to get out of there but Johnny and Ponyboy took the other path in the fork in the road and went to make up for their
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