Why Is The Roman Empire Still Alive

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On September 4, 476 many historians believe that the Roman Empire fell, but really it lived on. The Roman empire lived on in many ways. One way the Roman Empire lived on was through the influence on other countries like for example Moscow, Russia. One influence they had on Russia was Russia wanted to be like and look like the Augustan Rome. In 1783, when Catherine the great annexed Crimea, it was in pursuit of a decidedly Roman dream: that of restoring the Byzantine empire. This also shows evidence that the Roman Empire is still alive because it had influence on other countries. Another way the Roman Empire lived on was through architecture. One nation such as the United States got some of their architectural from the Roman Empire. One example of this is we have a Senate and a Capitol Hill which, are both ideas we got and developed from the Roman Empire. Another example is the emperor Charlemagne. When the Roman empire supposedly fell and Charlemagne crowned himself emperor he also took some of the Roman Empire’s architecture such as the city of pillars and placed them in his own city capital back in Aachen. Both of these examples of nations taking Roman architecture also shows more evidence that the Roman Empire is alive also by its agricultural inspiration to other nations.…show more content…
An emperor in the Roman Empire was defined as the title of the supreme ruler of Rome. Although the Roman Empire has apparently fallen, you still have rulers such as Charlemagne crowning themselves as the emperor. This third why the Roman Empire has not fallen. A fourth reason why the Roman Empire is still alive is because rulers keep bringing Roman government statuses such as consul and senator back. This shows that ideas and concepts from the Roman Empire are still being used and their government statuses have not died and are still
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