Why Is The Russian Revolution Necessary

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Before the Russian Revolution, Russia had many failures during the war that prevented them from reaching victory. Citizens started to question the tsar’s ability to solve the country’s internal problems. After the demand for the tsar to step down and the troops joined the protesters, Nicholas II abdicated the throne. The February Revolution began with the women protesting in the streets for food. During this time, the parliament consisted of upper class Russians. The Russian Revolution was necessary because the citizens were against economic oppression. The Russian Revolution was necessary because Miliukov made a speech to ask for the tsar to step down in order for the Russia to gain victory from the war. In November 14, 1916, Miliukov made a speech by calling for the tsar Nicholas II to step down from power from the belief that the citizens are concerned about Nicholas II’s ability…show more content…
In addition, the realities of this action can be seen as a starting movement against the government for the benefit of the citizens. According to Miliukov’s Speech to the Duma, Miliukov stated “As a parliament, you have to realize that we have no other choice but to get the tsar to step down. That is our task and our goal. You ask, “How can we start a fight while the war is on?” But gentlemen, this government puts us all in danger...So even in time of war, we must unite and fight against the government! (Cries on the left: “Bravo” Applause (Document 1).” In this quote, the parliament is in a situation of needing to complete its task and goal that makes it important for the tsar to step down. This is important because without this action of Miliukov, the
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