Examples Of The List Of Grievances

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Claire Turner
American History Test I
The American Revolution

The Second Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain in 1776 because they were being treated with unfair and unjust taxes and laws. The Second Continental Congress was a representation of the colonists and colonies as a whole, to Britain. In the beginning of the Congress the majority wanted to stay loyal to “The Crown,” and make peace with it. However, there were already those few who were ready to take drastic measures to relieve themselves of the British rule. One colony in particular that stands out as taking the leading role in the independence of America is Massachusetts, for they received the true wrath of Great Britain. As more and more taxes were placed on goods by the
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Taxes like the sugar, stamp, and tea taxes are the ones that stick out most. The taxes cause rebellions and uproars within the colonies. A prime example would be the Boston Tea party. The colonists were so fed up by the taxes that they decided they would go onto the tea boat and throw it all into the ocean to prove their point. The colonists were so angered by these taxes because they had no say on it. In The Declaration of Independence there was these things called The List of Grievances. The List of Grievances was all the complaints of the colonists into one document. It covered the law where British soldiers were put in the homes of the colonists, also known as the Quartering Acts. The King even took it as far as making people go to England to be tried instead of in the colonies. In my opinion, the Congress were correct in declaring their independence. I mean they are being treated so unfairly. They have no representation and are given no rights as Englishmen. By declaring independence on Britain they were able to finally be freed and be their own country which is what they deserve but at a large price. When they declared independence they declared war and they knew that
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