Why Is The Second World War Important

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Why is learning about the Second World War important? The Second World War is one of the most important happenings in the world history. Millions of people died during this period, and it is important that we make sure to remember them, and honor them for their bravery. Not only the soldiers, but everyone else who died because of the war. It is important to talk about it so it does not happen again. If the majority of the world knows about, and understands all of the horrible consequences, I think it is less likely that it will happen again. Firstly, if the Second World War (SWW) were a big part of the education, maybe the same thing would not be going on in other countries like Syria and in the Middle East, today. If the SWW were a big part of the education, the people in the Middle East would know that the consequences are horrible. They would know that many people would die, countries would be destroyed and millions of people would lose their homes. Sadly it is still happening, and I think a lot of it could be avoided if they knew more about the consequences of war, and started to think about the people in the country. Wars always have, and always will…show more content…
If everyone learned about it, the same things would probably not be going on in Syria and the Middle East right now. In addition to this, I think it is important to learn about it so we do not forget the people who died, both soldiers and civilians. Holocaust was such a huge part of the war and the world history, so it would be weird not to talk about it. It is also important that we learn about the war, because we are the last generation who will be able actually to talk to someone who survived it. If we do not learn about it, the next generations will not have anyone who can teach them about the consequences, and that is one of the main reasons I think it is important to spread knowledge about the

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