Why Is The Things They Carried Important

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The Things They Carried Surviving war is more than just dodging bullets and grenades, it 's being able to find purpose in what you are doing. In Tim O 'Brien 's book The Things They Carried he gives a first hand view portraying how the soldiers of Vietnam pressed through mental depression and despair. For some finding purpose ment trying to achieve glorified war medals, for others it was winning the war, but for most it was reliving the life they had before Vietnam. In his book O’Brien takes readers on his own and his fellow soldiers journey through the rough and demanding life that is war. The introduction to life in Vietnam. As many wide eyed and green soldiers arrive, they are greeted by weather soldiers just grinding through another day. The events these green soldiers would endure in the future were unforeseeable. As new soldiers they carried all the basics.…show more content…
The grind begins. In Vietnam there was no easy introduction to combat, soldiers were thrown into the chaos as soon as they were needed, which was almost right away. O’Brien and his buddies have now been baptized into the Vietnam War way of life. The things they carried are starting to become more important. For example Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried letters and would relive the events in them. “He would spend the last hour of light pretending” (page 1). Mitchell Sanders carried condoms, interesting choice but hey, if it made he feel better, go for it. Norman Bowker carried a diary, and Kiowa carried a illustrated New Testament. Every soldier had their own little memory and good luck charm. Ted Lavender and Henry Dobbins put their own little unique twist on their personable items. For Lavender he carried premium dope. Badly looked upon in general, but for some that is what it took to get through the pains of war. As for Dobbins, he carried a pair of his girlfriend 's panties. Also weird, but for many things like these played a heavy role in keeping their minds straight and moral up. Key to
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