Why Is The Washington Memorial Important

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The Washington Memorial is a magnificent work of architecture. This monument was built as a tribute to George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. It is also a sign of the advancement our country has made. This monument is located in the District of Columbia, in Washington DC. It was designed by Robert Mills and construction was finished in 1884, which makes it almost 133 years old. The Washington Memorial’s exact location is 215th St. NW, Washington, DC. It was designed by Robert Mills who did a phenomenal job creating the monument in honor of George Washington. Construction began in 1848, but, six years later in 1854, construction was stopped because they did not have enough funds to continue building. Finally,…show more content…
It was built in honor of George Washington, which is why we call it Washington Memorial. George Washington played an important role in starting the United States of America and making it into the great country that it is today. He was one of the generals during the American Revolution and was the first President of the United States of America. George Washington and the other Founding Fathers created the Constitution and made many decisions that made the United States into a great country. The Washington Memorial was built after George Washington died. The Washington Memorial is a major tourist attraction. People go there to learn about their first President, George Washington. There are 50 flags represent each state surrounding the Washington Memorial. Sadly, this monument is closed until the spring of 2019 because it is being refurbished. The elevator is being updated to modern technology to increase reliability. Only men were allowed on the elevator in the past because it was viewed as unsafe. Women and children had to take the stairs. There are 897 steps in the Washington Memorial, so an elevator is definitely
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