Why Is Thomas Jefferson Called The Apostle Of Democracy?

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When a president enters office, he often comes with a long list of demands and changes he plans on making for the nation that the man before him did not accomplish. The changes each president has made assisted the forever-growing nation, in hope of benefiting all of the population living within it. Thomas Jefferson, is no different when it comes to wanting to aid the United States, in fact he dedicated most of his life to fighting for what he believed in. Jefferson earned the nickname “The Apostle of Democracy” due to him introducing democracy to the nation (Inside Gov). During the early years of America, there were various different forms of the American Republic especially in between Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. When Thomas Jefferson…show more content…
When America’s political system was developing, Jackson became the face of the new Democratic Party (History). Jackson was elected by prominent vote due to his ability to reach the masses, and support for the common man (White House). During his presidency, Jackson had managed to further strengthen the power of the president (Inside Gov). Jackson was the first and only president to be able to completely pay off the nation’s debt. (Inside Gov) Instead of favoring the majority vote or minority vote, it seemed as though he favored his vote, during his presidency he had used his power to veto twelve bills, which was more than the six presidents before him combined (Millercenter). Although those who were against him often considered him “King Jackson”, he still believed in the common man and did everything to try and support the people. During his presidency he was strongly against the idea of acquiring a national bank due to his belief that the bank would be ran through the rich, which would harm the common people of his nation. (Inside Gov) During Jackson’s presidency, he managed to lift the landowning requirement for
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