Why Is Thomas Jefferson The Strongest

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There have been debates on which president was the strongest. The top three would be President Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson. Jefferson is the best because. Jefferson made the declaration of Independance, contributed to the expansion of the country, and had a lot of other accomplishments. The first reason Thomas Jefferson is the strongest and best out of the three is he made the Declaration of Independance. In 1775 Thomas jefferson was on the continetial congress. He later made the declaration of Independance in 1776. This document is one of the most important document in United States History. It communicates the beliefs and the values of the American Government. The second reason Thoams Jefferson was the strongest leader. Thomas Jefferson contributed to the Expansion of the country. Thomas jefferson believed strongly in the westward expansion of thye country as far as the Pacific Ocean. He funded and inspired Lewis and Clark to go out on their famous Expedition. which contributed to people moving out west.…show more content…
Jefferson had 50 years of service towaards the new country of the United States. Some of jeffersons accomplhiments other then the expansion of the country and being presiden were: Govenor of Virginia, Founded university of Virginia, wrote declaration of independance, contributed to the louisana purchase, and many other notable things to the
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