Why Is Tick Tock A Hero

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As a child, my favorite books were coming-of-age narratives told by ordinary characters who quickly found themselves in a series of trials and tribulations that pushed them to discover some unknown, dormant talent. They would look inward and see what they were capable of, growing from ordinary to extraordinary and becoming the hero to their story. We all want to find something about us that makes us special; we all want to play the hero. For myself, the untimely passing of my grandparents was the crucible that would test my strength and perseverance. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. I never really knew exactly how long a minute could last until I was sitting in hospice with a loved one whose life is coming to an end. The deadline had been given; the inevitable was going to happen. It was all just a matter of time. My grandpa had severe dementia and a series of strokes, which had dramatically affected his motor skills. But more importantly, he was a Sicilian man who left his former life, traveled the world, and found a home in Detroit. Even though his health was declining, he was stubborn and continued to live at home with his wife, but he had become too much for just one person to handle. I became responsible for helping and caring for him: organizing the…show more content…
Tick-tock. Tick-tock. I never realized just how quickly a minute could pass when I was only given 24 hours. Three weeks after my grandpa’s passing, my grandma had a massive stroke paralyzing most of her body. Due to my education, my family looked to me to understand the medical jargon. I had a specific understanding about strokes: causes, locations, prognosis. However, I reached my limit, and I was helpless to understand her treatment. The entire medical staff was helpful, but one member stood out – the Physician Assistant on the stroke team. She was an exceptionally caring individual and took the time to sit down and explain what was happening and what to expect over the next several
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