Why Is Tom Robinson Guilty In To Kill A Mockingbird

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A novel called To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. There is a case between an African American named Tom Robinson and a white woman named Mayella Ewell. She accused him of raping her. Tom was always kind to Mayella by helping her with things to do because he felt bad that she was always working. He passed one day and she asked him to get the box on top of the chiffarobe, so he got on the chair and got it then she put her hands around his leg, but she claims that he threw her down and raped her. Tom tried to run away, but she blocked the door and Tom pushed her out of the way. Tom heard Mr. Ewell yell to Mayella that he was going to kill her while he was running away. Also, Mr. Ewell claims to see Tom raping Mayella. One of the first reasons…show more content…
Ewell never called a doctor to come and check on his daughter that was badly injured. Atticus asked Mr.Ewell, “Did you think she should have had a doctor, immediately?”(Lee pg.175). Harper said ,‘“The witness said he never thought of it… and if he did it would cost him five dollars” (pg.175)’.This evidence shows that Mr. Ewell was afraid to call a doctor because he did not want them to notice he beat her, then tried to defend his answer by saying it would cost him five dollars. Therefore, Mr. Ewell is the one who beat his own daughter because she tempted Tom…show more content…
Mr.Ewell arrived first from the woods before the kids. Atticus asked, “Why didn't you scream make them come running? The dump’s is closer than the woods, isn’t it?”. “Where were they?” No Answer.’”(pg 187). This evidence shows that Mayella had nothing to say because she knew that she was caught lying and he showed the jury that they were lying. Therefore the Ewell family is not telling the truth in every response and is more likely Tom is not
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