Why Is Tom Robinson Libery In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Most of the whites are racist to the blacks but there is a little racist in colored people too because one time Jem and Scout were heading to a colored church and some old grumpy mean lady came by and told them they weren’t allowed in the negro church. In my opinion I think that Tom Robinson isn’t guilty because he looks like an honest and nice looking man, I don’t go on the white side because Mayella is probably the one who is lying all this time just because he is black, and also he said “ I was scared because I didn’t want to go to jail and end up in court like I am in now”. Now the only difficulties I had for believing Tom Robinson was that when Mr Gilmer said he was given thirty days once for disorderly conduct, he might of or might of not raped the women but the expressions he was showing made me believe him because he looks like a very good and honest man. The themes of poverty is a seven year old boy named Dill who has no family and is poor, Atticus finds Dill late at night under her bed, it is really sad that back then people didn’t help the poor or even care…show more content…
Another example of domestic violence is when there was some dog walking around the neighborhood, Calpurnia opens her door, walks out in front of her house, goes ballistic and freaks out from an innocent dog minding its own business she calls the police and arrives, Atticus comes out and has a conversation with the officer, he hands Atticus the gun and it takes a while for Atticus to take a shot because he’s never killed or shot anything in his life so finally he kills the
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