Why Is Tom Robinson Trial Unfair

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Race relations a topic that has been discussed by billions upon billions of people in the past and still talked about in present day. How is it that the Human race as a whole cannot put aside their differences and come together to form a well and strong sense of equality? Though it may be a simple idea and look easy to do but in all reality this sense of equality will likely not be formed in our lifetime nor may it ever be possible. The United States was formed to on the idea that all men we created equal. With how people were being treated then and now this phrase seems to have been overlooked. The most prevalent group of people to be rejected a true sense of equality are the blacks. The Trials of Tom Robinson from To
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The trial pertaining to Tom Robinson though a very tragic and unfair trial but is not the most unfair of the trials presented. In this trial a Tom Robinson was blamed on the false case of rape. “Atticus was asked to defend Tom Robinson, accused of raping a white woman.” (Chapter 9, page ) Now this is a case that Atticus has no real chance of winning and he knows this. Though he does not back out of it because he feels a need to retain his own self-respect and justice. The importance of the Tom Robinson trial is that through the entire book he is rarely mentioned leaving the reader to think that he is truly guilty. This is how the author wanted it to seem, it was made to make the reader think something so that a totally new idea could be thrown in and catch the attention of the reader. For Tom is actually innocent and did no such thing as rape or harm anyone. In this case the only reason that Tom Robinson is being accused of such things is because he is a black person. And during the time To Kill a Mockingbird took place. Black people were not looked fondly upon, they were treated very poorly. Though there were some…show more content…
So people began to think about what was going on and how cruel they have been. The Emmett Till Murder Trial which took place in nineteen fifty five during the time when a movement for the blacks was the most prevalent. This trial was about a fourteen year old who was wrongfully murder and his body was just strewn into the river near by. With Emmett's death many controversial justice fighters sprung up. It is because they were so outraged to hear about this terrible story. One of these people are Rosa Parks a woman who refused to stand up and give her seat to a white man. Well the reason that she got into the fight for rights and all that she believed in. Is all because “A fourteen-year-old boy, Emmett Till, had been brutally murdered and his body thrown in the Tallahatchie River, but despite clear evidence that two white men committed the crime, an all-white jury returned a "Not Guilty" verdict after just an hour of deliberation” (umkc.edu/famoustrials). She would later go on to talk about how this trials had caused he to feel the need to join the fight for equal right and the cry for justice. Race relations during this time had completely changed from what they used to be back in the 1930s or even earlier. People began to start to race their voices, the people that really started to fight were mainly the blacks. The reason being is because they had been treated the worst out of all the races and were tired.
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