Why Is Vaccination Important

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Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of people. According to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, approximately 50,000 people die each year from diseases that are preventable by being vaccinated. They provide active immunity, which cause our body’s immune system to produce antibodies that fight against the disease without actually causing the disease. More than 20 serious diseases can be prevented just by being vaccinated against them. Getting vaccinated could make the difference between life and death. When you get vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself, but also those around you. . Many countries and states keep track of reportable diseases in an effort to prepare and develop their own strategies in disease prevention. Vaccination, decreases the number of people who are at risk for contracting these diseases as they have the antibodies available to fight against the disease.

Vaccination is one of the most convenient, cost effective, and safest preventative medical products available to individuals to prevent disease. As stated earlier, the vaccine will not give you the disease it is
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A vaccine preventable disease, that an adult may contract, may be deadly for younger children, infants, and the elderly, if it should spread to them. Although, the very young and elderly are at greater risk for serious infections and complications, vaccine preventable diseases can strike anyone. Regardless of whether you are young, elderly, or middle aged and are healthy, vaccination can help you to stay that way. When you become ill, besides the possibility of spreading the disease, you may also let down those who depend upon you. You may miss work or not be able to care for those who depend upon you like small children or elderly family members. So when you get vaccinated to protect yourself, you’re protecting your family and those around you as
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