Why Is Victor Frankenstein Unethical

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In Frankenstein, complications arise after Victor Frankenstein conducts his cruel experiment. Victor’s experimental creation of “the monster” ultimately leads to the deaths of William and Justine because the monster was mad at his creator’s indifference (pg. 51). Victor Frankenstein reveals he should not have interfered with the process of life because it isn’t natural and essentially gives him the power of being the creator of life. As a result, Victor doesn’t know what the monster is capable of and creates conflicts that cause the monster to kill innocent people. Next, Victor Frankenstein decides how tall the monster is and what parts of different bodies he uses (pg 76). By choosing these parts for the monster’s body and designing his most…show more content…
Much like Frankenstein, many question the ethics and if the research should be conducted at all. This is pointed out when “Aach and his lab colleagues realized scientists might cross disturbing ethical lines” (Embryoid Article). If this type of research continued, it would encourage an unnatural process for creating human life. As a result of creating these embryoids and giving scientist the power of being a “creator”, it devalues how the cycle of life should naturally occur. Finally the article even goes as far to say that we should be able to create an embryoid with a synthetic entity that can feel pain or have a heart beat (Embryoid Article). This is obviously taking things too far because the embryoid would be going against the natural process and this would resemble a baby being born without any parents or through an unnatural process. Continuing on this path of unnaturally creating embryos and perhaps even allowing them to develop into humans could potentially create challenges on how these new beings would be treated compared to the rest of us. Even though humans have the ability to start to create things like embryos doesn’t mean we should because it can open the door to problems in the
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