Violent Video Games: Helpful Or Harmful?

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Violent video games are worse than they are interpreted and there are many problems that are a result of playing them. Scientists have conducted studies and have worked together to determine how bad shooting and surviving bloody massacres in a screen can really be. Violent video games are harmful because they can lead to health problems and effect learning , portray bad things and teach kids wrong doings, and can lead to serious crimes.

Playing video games can lead to brain damage and effect learning. Dodging bullets and using virtual maps for survival affects the way gamers handle pressure. For example, the unbearable stress “ leads people to rely on a more instinctive way of learning, potentially harming their ability to find their
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After playing, people can lose the feeling or suffering and death. For instance, “Numerous studies have shown that playing violent video games reduces feelings of empathy and makes people numb to the pain and suffering of others,” (Pink). This states that, because of the over playing of these horrible games, People dont have feeling or care about killing and areamune to it and ‘is no big deal’. Next, studies have shown a connection to bad actions and playing violent video games. This is shown by the statement that “research demonstrated a link between violent video game use and both increases in aggressive behavior ... and decreases in prosocial behavior,”(Scutti). The citation states that because of certain games there has grown a link between them and bad behavior as a result. Bad games can cause many problems such as behavior changes and crimes that are…show more content…
The counterclaim could be that games give a way to express feelings. For instance, “ Self Determination Theory (SDT) whereby gamers can address their fundamental psychological needs through playing games,”(Wells). Instead of violence kids use these games are a way to let out aggression and other problems that they can not anywhere else. However gamers have took violence outside of home walls and into the world where it makes a difference, and not necessarily a good one. For example, after study on a violent killer “Inquiries into Padgett's background uncovered the fact that he liked first-person shooter games, which naturally led some pundits to focus on violent video games as a cause of school shootings,”(Glynn). This person who carried out an action that was extremely intense and horrible who was known to have had experience playing these games and performing deadly actions. This causes scientists to believe that violence does not just stay in the game. Also it shows the truth that is behind these cirtain video games and the negative outcomes that come from them.

Violent video games are bad because they can lead to health problems and effect learning , portray bad things/teach those ways, and could lead to serious crimes. These games are harmful and don’t help the people playing them because of the many possible consequences and the negative effects it has on them internally. Many
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