Why Is Video Games Bad

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Violent video games are worse than they are interpreted and there are many problems that are a result of playing them. Scientists have conducted studies and have worked together to determine how bad shooting and surviving bloody massacres in a screen can really be. Violent video games are harmful because they can lead to health problems and effect learning , portray bad things and teach kids wrong doings, and can lead to serious crimes.

Playing video games can lead to brain damage and effect learning. Dodging bullets and using virtual maps for survival affects the way gamers handle pressure. For example, the unbearable stress “ leads people to rely on a more instinctive way of learning, potentially harming their ability to find their way around landmarks and past experiences” (Times). This is because of tough situations causing some to panic or become too serious about a game. Also, The time spent gaming is shown to cause other problems. For instance, kids that played violent games for “ Only 35 minutes exhibited less self control, cheating,
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The text shows that “In some video games, such as the very popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA ) games, female characters are treated as sex objects rather than as individuals worthy of respect,”(Pink). Gamers that are not mature enough to see or do these actions on games are learning this and are shown wrong doings. Because of Games portraying this, players shouldn’t be trusted in the real world. For example, Exposure to sex-typed media characters can have real world consequence.”(Riva). What is shown in these death games and the extremely realistic graffix, is it for sure that it won't be carried out in players lives? Pictures and actions in games are vary life like and cause real world problems because of the gamers playing them, and acting out what they saw and what was

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