Why Is Voting Important

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Voting Is An Important American Issue

During my personal experience during an election, I believe that each arguement is a very compelling and potentially problematic concern. Each method of voting has a potential flaw, such as , paper ballots can be tampered with, stolen, or even hard to read in some cases. On the more positive side the paper method can be very easy to use for all people including those who are disabled, the instructions are clear, the choosing of candidates are simple, and for the elderly it 's easy as well, because not everyone is a computer whiz and would rather choose a method to which they are more comfortable like paper and pen, because evryone in our nation at one point or another have been to school and used old fashion paper and pen; Computer Technology wasn 't always around.

The paper method is a great choice and I personally found
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EVMs in my personal experience was as simple as the paper method, I had no problems with the system at all, but that is coming from a person that grew up in both classic paper and the start of the computer and internet age, but the flaws are there and quite clear.

People that wear glasses can easily make an arguement that the glare on the computer can cause double vision, or even a headache which can cause confusion while in the middle of choosing a candidate.

Voters with disabilities can easily make use of EVMs due to the technology, which can be very diverse and easily taking advantage of. EVMs can easily change languages and even talk to you clearly to explain the choices you have and can also provide TTYL acces, so it has many advantages.

The EVMs can also be tampered with as much as the paper ballots, if not even more because you can be in a rush and accidentally hit the wrong button, choose the wrong candidate at submit before you go over your choice, ect. The EVMs can also potentially be hacked into and tampered with, by an outside
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