Why Is War Justifiable

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A soldier is being shot at by enemy troops; he can’t just stand there and die, he has to shoot to protect himself and the others around him. The United States Military protects us and sometimes has to take drastic measures to do it. No one should want to take another’s life, but in the situation of war, the men and women are surrounded by war criminals and enemies who want to do them harm and have the justifiable right to shoot back. Killing another can be justifiable when it is used for self defense. Other cases such as hunting for sport are also justifiable, as it help reduce over populated species of animals.

Killing in war is something that can’t be helped and there are reasons why people kill others. According to the article “Is War ever Morally Justified?” many deaths occur and they happen because of the enemy shooting at U.S. troops. A 19 year old boy gets in a gunfight with a young
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It is justifiable because many species overpopulate the earth, hunting them can reduce this over population and help conservation. This helps conservations because if you want to hunt the overpopulated animal you need to pay to do so. This way the conservation can help support other animals. In places such as Namibia, “up to five Black Rhinos may be hunted a year, the funds going to conservations” (Dymoke).

Killing in the case of George and Lennie, George killing Lennie is justifiable as Lennie would of been shot by Curley as he was angry that Lennie killed his wife. Curley says “I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself, even if I got only one hand. I’m gonna get ‘im” (Steinbeck). It was better that George killed Lennie painless by shooting him in the back of the head other than Curley painfully shooting Lennie in the gut.
To conclude, killing in some cases is justified. Many people hunt today and usually for a purpose such as to put food on the table or to reduce an overpopulated
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