Why Is Whale Poaching Be Banned

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What Whale Poaching Really is
By: Logan B

I believe whale poaching should be outlawed around the world. Bans have warned people to stop hunting the whales but still over 2,000 whales are killed each year. In 1958, thirty eight thousand whales were killed since then, the amount of whales killed has dropped to thirty six thousand whales from that time. There are almost four whales killed each day. If someone is caught violating the laws it will result in civil penalties up to $11,000 or criminal penalties up to $100,000 plus, one year of prison time. I am against whale poaching and believe it is a major wrongdoing in the world. Two thousand whales die a year for almost no reason. This is why whale poaching should be illegal all around the world.
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We can 't be certain that whale populations can survive large-scale hunting as well as the other daily threats they face. Ban or no ban, whaling remains inhumane and whales are unsuitable for use by humans in this way.” On The Nature Publishing Group they say that “ Major disadvantages of whaling include the potential extinction of some whale species, the unsafe levels of mercury that whale meat can contain and the potential harm to ecosystems that removing whales can cause. In addition, whale watching is a lucrative business in many parts of the world, and whaling could have an impact on that activity.”But the people at People of our Everyday Life say that “Whaling provides a large number of employment opportunities and economic gains”. In conclusion whale poaching could result in the extinction of the whale species. The whale blubber can’t even be eaten and the oil is only used for transmission oil and can easily be substituted out of the oil. Finally killing someone or something is the worst thing you can even do, so now you know what whale poaching really
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