Why Is Whaling Should Be Abolished Persuasive Essay

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Imagine being in Japan at the ocean on a beautiful spring day. You see all the wonderful creatures popping up from the water. Suddenly, you hear horrible cries of a harmless whale, being slaughtered and exploited by whale hunters. Take a moment and think about what that whale may be feeling. Think about why the hunters are harming it. This is called whaling, where the whales are hunted, speared, shot, and killed for their meat.

The hunters use the whale for a lot of products that you may unknowingly use today! Did you also know that you might even eat it everyday? Why should we care? Whaling is poisonous to the people who eat it, it’s inhumane to poison us and kill mammals. Also, it’s a waste of money. Therefore, we should put an end to whaling.

First, whaling is highly poisonous to the people who may eat the whale meat. The factory workers in Japan say that whales are really healthy to eat, but that’s not necessarily true. Whale meat is heavily contained with mercury. Mercury is so toxic that only one small drop of it, can poison an entire pod of whales. Just by eating one bite, of the whale meat, it’s possible that you may not live
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Japan sells the whale meat at high rates. They also mark the meat purposely, wrong so that the customers won’t know that it’s actually a whale that they’re eating. Japan also use whales for soap, tobacco, dog food, and other supplies. They say that they use whales for research, but stabbing and killing them, doesn’t sound like any research to me! Also, instead of using the money, given to them, for the poor, they use it for whaling. They use the whales to get them a better success in finance.

In conclusion, whaling is highly effective. Therefore, it needs to be stopped. Think about the poison that’s harming the ones who eat the whale meat. Think about the people who don’t know what they’re eating. Most importantly, think about the harmless whales. So, stand up and fight to put an end to
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