Why Is William Shakespeare Important Today

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Why are the Works of William Shakespeare Important Today? Can the works of a man who died four hundred years ago still truly hold any importance today? The man who created the tragic love stories Romeo and Juliet and Othello, as well as pieces of outstanding literary art such as Hamlet and Macbeth, is a man who was truly ahead of his time. And possibly our time as well. In this paper the question about the importance of the world’s dearest Shakespeare will be answered. Firstly, samples of his effect on our daily use of language will be shown. Further on, the paper will show examples on how his work, which was created hundreds of years ago, still effect our lives today. Finally, in the paper the affect he has and had on today’s literature will be touched upon. This question is important to be answered to truly understand and respect the well-crafted works by an intellect who do not seem to have an expiration date. Shakespeare’s works has influenced many things through the years, including languages. We often daily use phrases that had their origin in one of Shakespeare’s stories. Examples are “Heart of gold” (Henry V), “Break the…show more content…
He has ignited a love and respect for writing in countless extraordinary writers. No writer in history has been credited by other writers more than him. His effect on all literature that followed his death is simply immeasurable. A line of recognised writers has even named pieces of their own work after Shakespeare’s. Writers such as Vladimir Nabokov and William Faulkner, for instance, who themselves have inspired other great writers after their time. It all simply indicates that Shakespeare was the man with the match which lit up to a seemingly never-ending path of amazing writers of literature. His legacy seems to be protected by his readers who further pass on the intellectuality of
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