Why Is Winston Churchill A Hero

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This assignment was to write an essay on anyone who is considered a hero and evaluate them on their heroism. For this assignment I have chosen Winston Churchill the ex prime minister of Britain during the second World War. I decided to choose Winston Churchill as my hero because he was a very famous figure from recent european history. The research question I chose for this assignment was: what were Winston Churchill’s major achievements from 1893 to 1944. The point of this assignment was to evaluate a hero on their heroism which is why I have made some assessment criterion to assess my hero. I used criterion A, B and C to assess my hero. Criterion A is being helpful, to get a 7-8 for a hero he should be very helpful to everyone
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Winston Churchill grew up to a very privileged life. Winston’s father Randolph Churchill was the very first duke of Marlborough and his mother was an american woman whose father was part owner of the New York Times. Winston himself was born just outside the city of Oxford in 1874. Winston started going to school at Harrow school but did poorly at Harrow school and for this reason decided not apply to go to arguably two of the best universities in the world Oxford university and Cambridge university. Winston decided instead of this to go to Sandhurst military school which is located in England. After Winston Churchill’s time as a cadet officer in Sandhurst he travelled around Britain, went to India and also went to Sudan. In 1899 Churchill travelled to war in South Africa with the Boer republics who are located in southern Africa. While in South Africa Churchill was captured and put in prison. Nearly a month after Churchill was imprisoned he was able to escape while climbing over one of the walls in the prison. Churchill was able to get on a train to Durban in a city in South Africa and hid where the sacks were stored on the train. The BBC have a big article on Winston Churchill and his adventures after

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