Winter Biking Persuasive Speech

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Winter is not just a season; it is a harbinger of huge changes in lifestyle. Every little habit of yours needs to be adjusted, like cycling. Cycling is fun, sure, but cycling in summers is vastly different from doing that in winters. This problem worsens when you have kids along too. So, to help you out here is our guide to winter biking with kids. Why you should not abandon cycling Sure, we have established that cycling is tough in winters. So why did we write this guide to winter biking with kids for you? Because there is no reason to avoid doing it. Well, for starters, cycling is an excellent excuse to bring you out of your home. Kids are especially bored while sitting in the home all day long, what with the winter vacations and the parks being laden with snow,…show more content…
Even though they are not visible, salt and snow crystals might still be present on the road, decreasing the friction. In such a case, it is very easy to slide and fall during turns or unnecessary bending of the bike. Make sure your child knows that and avoids doing it. 3) Don't take your child out if he has only recently learned to ride a bike. Winter biking requires much more skills compared to summers and a small accident can hamper a kid’s confidence, so it is the best idea of preventing your child from riding on his own during this season. You can make them sit on the back and take them on a ride if need be. 4) Don’t take the bike for granted. You might be able to adjust with an “okayish” bike, but don’t take that risk with your kids. Regularly oil the brakes, check the batteries of the headlights and keep the tires in shape (probably the most important bit). Conclusion Winters might be troublesome, but they can be truly beautiful too. We wrote this guide to winter biking with kids in hopes that you will find it useful in enjoying with your kids. Just a few precautions, few gadgets and you and the kids are ready to have some awesome time

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