Why Is Women's Suffrage Important In The 1920s

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1920’s: Women’s Suffrage Alice Paul once said; “There will never be a new world order until woman are part of it.” In this quote the women’s right leader refers to how women are important to society. Society need women because of their capacity in a smartest way to take decisions. Unfortunately back to the 1920s man did not think women were necessary, in fact that all the women were being excluded from politics, sports, jobs and education. Women’s suffrage struggled with not only being accepted in society in daily activities, but fighting for the right to vote, the access to higher education, being excluded from jobs, equal payment opportunities, and sports activities. On the 1920s the right to vote was not designated for women. At that time woman were considerate as child-like and incapable of independent thought. Society believed that women could not be counted on to vote responsibly, so they left women out of the Constitutional amendments that admitted voting rights to African American men. According to the article “Women who fought for the women’s rights”, Elizabeth Cady, Lucy Stone and Susan B. Anthony were important figures during the women’s rights. They organized…show more content…
As mentioned before women’s suffrage consisted on the women that were not being accepted in society and in daily activities, such as fighting for right to vote, access to high education, being excluded from jobs, equal payment opportunities, and sports activities. This was the most controversial women’s rights issue of the early twentieth centuries. Thanks to feminist women back to this era now females have more opportunities and are living with almost equal rights. Women believed that if they were able to vote, they would get the proper representation in government. By getting representation on government, would it help them to solve other issues regarding women’s
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