Why Is Writing Important To Me Essay

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The majority of the writing I do in my everyday life is at school. I use writing to take notes, write papers, and do homework. I rarely write at home because I don’t have a reason to. The only writing I do at home would be to finish homework or to text. I would probably write more at home if I could think of what to write about, it’s really hard for me think of what to write. I really enjoy writing if I get to choose what I’m writing about. Personally, I think the most enjoyable thing about writing is when you get to be creative and use your imagination to create a story. My favorite type of writing is a creative story because you can write about whatever you want. My least favorite type of writing would be a research paper with a topic that…show more content…
It is difficult for me to think of what I want to say and how I want to say it so it’s not a jumbled mess. I have so many ideas it’s hard to organize them so everything flows smoothly. It is also hard for me to write the required amount. A lot of times when I’m finished writing something, I have to go back through and add more to make it longer. Adding lots of detail to my writing is something that I can work on. My most memorable writing experience, so far, was a story that I wrote with a friend in third and fourth grade. Our story was called The Wilderness Girls, it was about two girls who lived in the wilderness after they ran away from home because their parents were mean to them. This story is memorable to me because it’s the only long story that I’ve actually finished, and it was fun to write with my friend. If I was a writing teacher, I would have my students write both fun, creative stories and boring, research papers. I think this would make them more excited about writing but they would also have to learn how to write research papers. I would let them pick their topics of research papers so they don’t have to research topics that they aren’t interested
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