Why Is Writing Important To Me

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It’s not about just writing on a blank sheet of paper. Writing is the perfect way to let out your emotions and express your feelings. It takes time and experience to write like a good writer. Writing is to those who sit down and take their time and use their mind to express their ideas. Not everyone likes writing and most people have trouble with it. I am not a really good writer myself because of some of the experiences that I have dealt with in the past. Writing for me has always been a difficult thing. Ever since I was in my 7th grade my English classes started to get harder and harder to the point that I would cry at nights since I always wanted to aim for the A’s in all of my classes, and well the fact that I would always end up getting a high B in my English class would really get to my nerves. Besides that, knowing the fact that I had to take and pass my writing TAKS exam in middle school would stress me even more. I’ve had some really unsatisfactory experiences. For example, I clearly remember that Friday morning in school, I was in my English class trying to finish my essay before time ran out. I remember just sitting there with a blank mind. I was starting to get really nervous as I noticed other students finishing up their essays. I was still in my second body…show more content…
I walked into my English class and just by seeing the teacher’s face I could already feel my average going down in the class. She called me to go over to her desk and as soon as I heard my grade I felt miserable. Every time I would try completing an essay the results were never high enough to give me a positive attitude. Besides that, starting an essay would also give me trouble. Thinking of what to write for the thesis and introduction was a huge deal for me. I never really knew how to express myself with the correct vocabulary, but with these past years and experiences I’ve learned that with time and practice everything gets
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