Why Is Writing Skills Important Essay

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“Writing is a ticket to a professional opportunity”1(Linville). One cannot have any aspirations of a professional career if they do not at least possess the foundational basics of writing. Love it or hate it, writing is more important to everyday life than most might realize and I have come to learn that the necessity of writing skills continue to grow progressively throughout life. Writing skills have represented the most importance for me from kindergarten to college and eventually in work. I have come to learn that school should be used for making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and mastering skills in order to be best prepared for the professional workforce. In addition to pointing out where writing skills has shown most importance,…show more content…
Elementary school was the first instance where writing skills had importance because it introduced me to the idea of paragraphs. Next, I advanced my writing skills with implementation of five paragraph essays, which helped lay the blueprint for writing papers in high school. Following middle school, high school introduced me to academic papers and the different types of papers one would be required to write in college. After high school is where one either falls victim to forgetting the skills they have learned, or they continue to build and improve on those skills by applying them to college coursework and or the professional workforce. To add to the importance of writing skills, I feel strongly that the use of technology, in my experience and by observations made, hinders the writing skills for the millennial generation and beyond. Writing skills’ importance only grows with a higher level of difficulty and a greater attention to detail needed. We must remain diligent to keep our writing skills at minimal standards, if not at advanced standards, across all mediums. Writing skills remain the constant from our past, in our present, and for our future that will lead to much success in
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