Why It Is Hard To End World Hunger

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World hunger is a problem in todays society. 12.9 percent of the worlds total population is hungry. Around 805 million people don 't consume the average amount of calories they’re supposed to on a daily basis. People who go hungry normally don’t have the land they need to grow food or the money they need. The world produces enough food to feed several billion people. Around one out of nine people do not have enough food to live a healthy life for numerous reasons. Poverty and weather are two main reason for why it is hard to end world hunger. Poverty is people being extremely poor and having little to no money. Poverty would be a reason for hunger because many people can’t buy food to either eat or buy, and half the time people can’t get jobs to earn money. People who work low paying jobs and have a family will have trouble providing food for themselves and everyone else. Approximately 896 million people in growing countries live with 1.90 dollars a day or even less. 22,000 children die…show more content…
One way that could help end world hunger would be to have farmers in designated areas give a small percentage of their crop production to the people who are without food or need food. There will be a survey pushed out to all the farmers in each state asking them if they would be willing to participate in the donation of part of their crop production to other countries who need it. If their is enough farmers who signed yes, then a law will be created. In each state, the State Representatives will create the law that each farmer designates a small portion of what they farm to ship or give to the hungry people in their area or other countries. Once the law is created, they will pass it onto the Governor. The Governor of each state will have the right to either veto it or sign it. Once or if the law is passed, the farmers who signed it can not back out until the next year when the survey is pushed out
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