Why It Is Important To Be Thankful

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It is important to be thankful because everyone who helps us in everyday life deserves a sign of thankfulness from us. Being thankful is a quality that every good and caring person should have. People think of you as a good person when they get polite “thank you’s” for the help they give you. Also, we should always be thankful for what we have in this world. I am most thankful for having my family, friends, and doctors, who help me have a happy and healthy life.

I am most thankful for all my family members, especially my Mom and Dad. They earn the most “thank you’s” of all. They are the ones who provide all the things I require to have a comfortable and fulfilling life. Our house provides the shelter we need to sleep and enjoy ourselves. We also need food. My parents buy groceries to feed the whole family. As children, we would have a pretty tough life without having our parents around taking care of us. Parents are always happy to have a family that they can love and enjoy. There are no other people I love more than my own parents.

We should always be thankful for having our friends around us. It is really hard to imagine not having any friends,
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Doctors can save our life and give us life. Our health is important because it is how we live and stay in the right shape. Doctors keep us safe and healthy because when there is something wrong with our body, they can detect it and prescribe the medication that is needed for us to recover. Years ago, doctors didn’t have the training and test equipment they have today. We should be grateful for all the experienced doctors and medical teams in hospitals. They help bring new babies into the world and work to help people have a healthy and long life. Doctors are the ones that bring us hope when we are seriously ill and help us recover. They truly deserve our thanks and
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