Why Jewish People Killed During The Holocaust

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Do you know how many Jewish peoples and other minorities that were slaughtered during the Holocaust? There was up to 6 million Jews and and 7 million Soviet civilians. Many gypsies, gays, and blacks were killed as well. These people died in numerous, unpleasant ways, like gas chambers, guns, fire, starvation, and disease. The prisoners in the Holocaust were tormented and treated so cruelly, and the acts so inhumane, that bystanders had to resist, help, and fight back against the Nazis even if the consequences were death. The people that resisted weren 't just in the camps (Meir Berliner), but also outside the camps (Sophie Scholl), and people even hid Jews in their homes in Poland (Zegota).
Sophie Scholl, who was an anti-nazi, helped to spread the information about the Holocaust . Scholl and her group made leaflets and passed them around secretly to encourage the people to resist passively against Nazis. “...the leaflet warned [the citizens] that Hitler was leading Germany into the abyss...” (Sophie Scholl Paragraph 12). This gave the citizens of Germany the information they needed to know about what was really going on. Germany was going down a path that would take many years to come out of, and still haunts Germany 's history today. Scholl might have alerted
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Not only were German resisting but people in other countries, like Poland, were resisting as well. Polish citizens were willing to risk their lives to help the Jewish people during the Holocaust. “Besides the obvious difficulties of hiding someone under the crowded conditions of the occupation and the constant surveillance of German soldiers and police, there was an automatic death penalty imposed on Polish Christians and their families if they were caught helping Jews” (Zegota Paragraph 18). Think about how hard it would be to hide your boyfriend in your room, if your mom kept coming in to make sure you weren 't doing anything suspicious? That 's how the Polish felt, but on a much larger, more terrifying
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