Why Jews Hate The Jews

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This Historical fiction book took place in 1942 when the World War II was happening. The protagonist is a 9-year-old kid named Bruno, who is the son of the Nazi Commander. Bruno finds out that he is moving away from Berlin to Poland, where he then meets this Jew who is the same age as Bruno named Shmuel. Bruno then finds out that he can 't be friends with him because the Nazi hate the Jews, and then Bruno finds a way to “play” with Bruno that led to a significant consequence.
The most meaningful idea in the book is that race cannot separate friendship. Even though they are friends, the Nazis, and the Jews are not friends. It raised some questions that led me to think more deeply. I wondered why can 't they just be friends without their race coming into play? Why do the Nazis hate the Jews, when the Jews didn 't do anything to them? I felt outraged about that because Bruno and Shmuel and many other kids had to find out that they can 't be friends with different races. I have a lot of friends who have a different race than me, and if I discovered that I couldn 't have friends who have different
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Upon further reflection, I started hating the Nazis more and saw how unscrupulous they were to the Jews. Also, this affected Bruno and Shmuel a lot too, because now they won 't ever become friends and now they see how just unfair this is. And now the kids have to deal with the same problem, which is not right because the kids didn 't even do anything. For example, when Bruno asked his older sister Gretel why he can 't go to the other side of the fence, and why they had to be kept away from us, and this is her reply, “The fence is there to stop them from coming over here… We’re the opposite, so the different live on this side of the fence and the Jews live on that.” Bruno now understands more clearly why he can 't go to the other aspect of the wall and why they are separated, which makes a big impact on him because he now knows that Shmuel and Bruno aren 't meant to be
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