Why Jews Were Hated And Persecuted

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Many historians denote that there are so many reasons as to why Jews were and still are being hated and persecuted and here are a few. It is felt that the Jews are hated and persecuted because they either possess a lot of power or are worthless, responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and seen as a threat to racial purity through assimilation. The Sinai Jews were among the Jews that were hated the most. They were hated and persecuted because they believed that there was only one God that mankind or God's chosen people are suppose to believe in and serve. That belief alone caused confusion between the Sinai Jews and others. Others argued that morality and conscience worked together with one another and they were not to be separated. The Jews were also…show more content…
The Jews were hated and persecuted simply for the strong faith in God and what all he could do. They believed that there was only one God, he is omnipotent, he has all power in his hands, he is the creator and finisher of all things, and if his chosen people sin against him he would deal with them accordingly. They could not present sacrifices to him as a means of having their sins washed away or forgotten instead they must repent for forgiveness, pray daily, and try not to commit the same sins over again.

There are several differences between Reform and Orthodox Jews. Both religions believe in the Torah and look to

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