Why Kids Should Be Allowed To Read Essay

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Kids should have the right to read what they want and the community should not be able to stop them from reading whatever they want or what is assigned. Some people think they have the right to control what these kids read. People should not be able to control a school, its curriculum or even what the kids read.

The community should not have the right to control what kids read because you should be able to read what you want. I am not saying that parents should not be involved. by all means should the parent take the book under their own circumstances but that does not mean that there should be any guilt by association involved for the rest of the school. Just because one parent doesn’t want their own kid to read a good book does not mean she has to take it from everyone. “Parents should monitor what their own children read, but not have the authority to ban other children from reading these novels.” This person knows what he is talking about! When you ban a book you do not just take it away form your own kid but you take it away from everyone in school. Just because one person doesn’t want their child to read it doesn’t mean they have to ruin it for the rest of the school.

The kids should have
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Some parents would never even talk to their kids about what some of these topics are and it is wrong. Kids not only need to grow up but need the freedom to read to be able to grow and learn. Therefore most kids should have the right to read the books of their choosing and books should not be banned.

Children should have the freedom to read whatever books they want. Children should not have their books taken away because another parent doesn’t like the book or it is not suitable for one of their own children. In the end the right to choose your own book and pick books you like is a useful skill all of us can
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