Why Kids Should Have Curfews Essay

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Why Kids Should Have Curfews

Curfews may not be ideal for the everyday high school student, but curfews play a really important role in making good grades. Also containing energy throughout the day and protecting kids throughout the night from kidnappings or serious car accidents. Curfews have become less and less thought about as the years go by, almost seeming like the past parents were stricter than today’s parents. Curfews are something that will have to become more relevant in today’s world with all the technology present to today’s kids. Of course the kids are going to be sidetracked from doing their homework or studying because of technology. People have become crazier than they have ever been and the last thing a parent wants to do is leave their child out late at night with no adult supervision.
Having curfews could reduce the millions of kids who have trouble getting up in the morning for school. The proper amount of sleep a human should have is about seven to eight hours a night, so this is necessary if a student wants to stay focused during school hours. Kids now a days stay up late and have the whole world by their fingertips. Technology can brainwash kids and can keep them up for hours at night without even knowing, causing them to fall asleep late at night and
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Just like in the first paragraph, humans need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to be able to focus in class. Some people may say, well if kids didn’t have curfews they could stay up late studying and doing work. Well the truth is, how many kids would actually stay up and take the time to study when they could play video games and stay on the phone at night instead? Lack of sleep equals lack of energy in the morning, drowsiness during school, and bad grades. Adults get fired if they come to work dragging around and not doing anything. Kids may not have the same results, but can receive bad grades and could possibly be held back from
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