Why Kids Should Have Homework

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Paragraph One - Introduction Do you think kids should be assigned homework? Studies show that if kids and teens have at least 10 minutes of homework every night their test scores might go up. Also, even though kids say that they get stressed out most of them just want to get out of doing their homework. Not only this, but, they will get smarter or just stay smart. They don’t have to get smarter with every piece of homework they do, but at least they won’t fall behind on their work. In conclusion, kids should have homework. Paragraph Two - Reason One On http://blog.eskool.ca/parenting/why-homework-is-important/ its says in its first column that having homework can improve a child´s thinking and memory skills. This is important because …show more content…

To go along with that, it also allows parents to see what their kids are doing in school and if they need help they can help them. Parents bonding with their kids is important because if a kid feels left out, then their parents should be able to talk to them and help them if they need help with anything. Allowing kids to show their parents what they are doing in school is very important also because what if that child is struggling in math and they need help. uif there is no homework how is the parent going to be able to help the child with what they need help with. To elaborate on that having parents, their when their child needs help will most likely make your child happy and make them feel happy and loved. This is important to homework because if the child feels sad or depressed, they might not do as good as they are capable of on their homework. This is another reason why homework should be …show more content…

But, it’s not! It’s really just a review of what the kids do in class. This allows them to understand what is going on in class. This is important because if kids don 't get what 's going on in class they won 't try their best on tests, homework, and really any school activity. To go along with this, if kids don 't try their best they might start to not go to school or ditch more frequently. They might also think theyŕe not as smart as they really are. All of these are reasons why kids should be assigned homework. Paragraph Five - Conclusion In conclusion kids should be assigned homework. One reason why this is true is because if kids have homework it gives kids and parents a chance to bond. If this happens then kids will get more involved in school. Also it helps children with their thinks skills. Not only this but with their memory too. Lastly, kids should be assigned homework because it 's just a review. It not like they have to figure out what to do by themselves. So now do you think kids should have

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