Why Kids Should Have No Homework

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Kids should be considered next time a teacher hands out homework, what is it doing to these kids. Homework can take away from family time, and can stress the lives of youth. Does it really help? Sure homework CAN be a good learning tool, but also affects kids in a negative way. Kids should have little to no homework to reduce stress upon students in schools.
The first example is homework causes stress. A Stanford researcher said in the article “Can too much homework make your child sick? His study finds 'clear connection ' between students ' stress and physical illness” He found students with good grades spent too much time on homework, which caused stress, physical problems, and to have social problems as well. If all this is caused by homework, why do we do it?
Another reason is more and more people are wondering if homework even helps.
Let 's be honest, how many kids actually do their homework? This is a big concern for teacher and schools. Even
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The last reason to cut the amount of homework kids have is it takes away from family time. Homework is causing problems during family time and also is taking it away. An article named “No homework, no problem.” stated “ A test that should have taken a very short time, after we got home,just stressed out, and started fighting at the dinner table… stripping kids of their play time.” Homework is meant to be done at home but it shouldn’t cause stress, fighting, and problems at the dinner table.. In conclusion why don 't teachers take the word “home” out of “homework” kids spend on average 7 hours at school a day so why not make homework class work. If kids have to come to school for 7 hours do they deserve to do school work at home. When the kids are at school they have to be there. So if they have to be there, teachers can see if they are doing the work and if they aren’t teachers can give them that nasty H word (homework) and hopefully they will do it at home. That is why there should be little to no homework in
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