Why Kids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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There are many controversial debates out in the world, but one big topic people come across is if all the kids on a team of some sort deserve a participation trophy just for socialization. Many can go back and forth and have their voice of reason with this issue but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However sources show different kinds of theories on what people think should happen with trophies like these whether it be good or bad, but they also discuss how getting rid of these trophies may help motivate kids to do great things in their sport. Participation trophies should not be given out to a whole team. This debate really started to get acknowledged when NFL linebacker James Harrison took a picture of his kids’ trophies and said he was going to send them back. I think this idea was good on his part because it shows his children that he has faith in them. He also said he was very proud of his children but they can go and get a real trophy by putting a lot more effort into the sport instead of just showing up or maybe doing nothing at all. This is a good thing…show more content…
People that say yes see it as motivation to the sport and also makes them feel like they're worth something to the team if they get something in the end. But others that believe if kids know they get something in the end, then they won't even try or “give their best effort”. Some even think the participation trophy is pointless and unnecessary which will make kids think all they have to do is show up to practice and not accomplish anything or put forth the effort toward the sport. If all you do is give kids participation trophies, they'll think everything will get handed to them in their lifetime without any effort. It's basically also a informal sanction just giving all these kids in sporting groups a reward that have no meaning at
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