Why Kids Should Read Historical Documents Essay

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When kids read, they can sometimes lose them self in there head or in a train of thought. My first reason why kids should read historical documents, is that a lot happened in the past that changed how we live today. The thing with kids now is that they have all this technology at their fingertips, but take example in your parents teachers or even your grandparents they didn’t have as much technology as we did they didn’t have smart phones and laptops to look up stuff they had to pick up a book and get to reading if they wanted to find something out so they the only thing for them to really do was to read about the past and find out how the founding fathers got together and made this world work and how some of these important documents worked out and made this world the place it is today. And one of the big reason is that most kids find learning about history is boring and when they are told to read they either just skim though it and don’t lean nothing or they just zone out and not do it at all. So these are the reasons why kids should read about historical documents.…show more content…
It took a long time to get to where we are today there were lots of documents signed to get that kids live today. But they the thing is that kids need to actually read something to find out what happened. So that means they need to have an interest on that topic first so maybe if you told them that they get extra credit or if you will buy them something they might want to start to read to find out what happen and they might even gain some knowledge about it at the same time. But then you have kids that just love to lean about and they will just to read it so they can have that knowledge to have it. So with ending it of with that we move into our next reason why kids should read historical

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