Why Do Kids Get Pressure To Inflate Grades

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One day, a friend told me that he gets $15 for every A he gets in school. When I asked my mom why I don’t get paid money for my grades, she told me to search it up and see the side effects. I saw the results and now conclude that kids shouldn’t get paid money for good grades. Some major reasons are that kids get pressure to inflate grades, it messes with the development of the child’s intrinsic motivation, and it lowers academic scores in the long run. We need a strong country and giving children money for their grade s will not help. Here are some reasons why. From pressure to inflate grades, to messing with the development of a child’s intrinsic motivation, to children getting lower academic grades in the long run, kids shouldn’t get paid…show more content…
Getting good grades is already hard enough, and the pressure will not help their cause. According to the National Education Association, (NEA) “Many teachers also say paying students for grades leads to practical problem in their classroom, including pressure to inflate grades.” This could help your child double check his/her answers. However, you are also giving your child anxiety. Anxiety could lead to your child getting depressed and later killing him/herself. Suicide is not a joke. To sum up, paying kid for good grades will give them pressure to inflate their…show more content…
As said in the last paragraph, the students lose their will to learn. This is bad because according to Sanford Dornbush, director of the Stanford center for Youth development, “Students who receive money for grades will in the long run, have lower academic performance than the students who are motivated by their own desire to learn. This means that your kid will get lower grades in high school. This then leads to your child not making it to college and becoming a failure. All the money you gave to your child for good grades will backfire. Obviously, kids who get paid for good grades will get lower academic scores in the long
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