Why King Tut Died Essay

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To: State Department From: Agents C. Fausey, Big R a.k.a Ryan P.1: Ryan The reason that we believe king tut died was from a chariot crash. The x rays below show how his bones could have : shared from the crash and therefore could have led to King Tut 's death. There have been many hieroglyphs showing a scene like that type of accident. Another Idea is that he died by a sickness caused by his diseases. . P.2: Jack One of our explanation for how he died was having malaria while on his chariot.We think this because malaria makes you very drowsy . So when he was going on the chariot which is already hard considering the speed and bumpy road. The malaria makes it even harder. So if you are going at about 50 miles per hour standing up…show more content…
Malaria makes it hard to stand and think straight. While riding a chariot it may have been easy for king Tut to have fallen or to have jumped off. In the event that he fell he could have broken bones. King Tutankhamen had a bone disease that made his bones weak. With his bones weakened his bone could have shattered. X rays have shone that many bones had shattered on the right side of his body. P.4 Eeshwar, and Cecilia: Now that you have seen our thoughts on this extremely extreme subject, please consider our conclusion to the case of King Tutankhamen’s death. We have come to a consensus that he had fallen off his carriage. He had a serious malaria and had severe case of muscular dystrophy, which made his bones more prone to breaking. Our theory is that simple. We believe that King Tut was in a carriage, then he fell down, perhaps because of a rock in the way of the carriage. The malaria made him shaky, resulting in him falling off the carriage more easily, and him having his muscular dystrophy contributed towards a more severe result that could’ve resulted in
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