Why Koalas Are Endangered

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A huge problem our current world is facing is the several endangered species. One of these species that’s on the verge of extinction is the koala. This might come to a surprise for many as “how could these cute and furry little creatures be endangered?” Sadly, koalas have not been getting the attention needed to help save them. Many koala habitats are also disappearing. But most importantly, many koalas are getting shot by humans or killed in dog attacks. Koalas love to sit in trees and sleep. Although they like to sleep, at night koalas scavenge the area. Believe it or not, koalas actually rome into people’s backyards! Many people look up cute pictures of koalas. Some koalas are actually in television shows! Many kids have stuffed animals of koalas, but they don’t know that they are endangered. If a koala lives near your area make sure to plant some food trees. It doesn’t matter what type of tree you plant. As long as the tree is not poisonous it is okay to plant. Some people might ask, “ how do I know where to plant the tree?” Make sure you plant the trees in your backyard. Koalas usually will make their way to your backyard.…show more content…
Many people frighten the koalas by, making loud noises.They hide in their trees and sleep. Koalas like to spend most of their time in trees. They also hide when they see larger animals. Koalas are vegetarians, they like eat eucalyptus leaves. Many koalas are scared that they will be harmed by humans. Koalas know that they are endangered, and that their days are numbered. Steve Irwin stated that “ I have no fear of losing my life, if I have to save a koala I will,” exclaimed Irwin. Steve Irwin was an Australian Zookeeper, and known worldwide. Irwin starred in a television show called Crocodile hunters. He specializes in rescuing animals. Many Koalas were not afraid of Steve
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