Why Leadership Training Fail Analysis

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Why leadership training Fail-and What to do about it.
Q: The message emerging from the article?
Q: The arguments advocated by the author(s)?

Michael beer described why leadership training fails with a scenario of US Corporation, which is investing a lot of investment on training workshops but didn't get the expected outcome from the training. Employees after some time degenerate to their old ways of doing things, they are not able to implement what they learn from training. To overcome this problem author suggested to senior executives and HR department to change their view about the learning and development because the context is really important there should be some changes in organizational design and in the processes. Michael
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The Context is really important, context is a system which is design by the senior executives or by the leaders in the organization to learn. If the design is not good either you are motivated or smart you cannot implement what you learn for the learning and growth there should be favorable context. If the context or system does not change it will not support to individual behavior change and it will eventually set off to fail.
Michael talks about the silent killers within the organizations when he asked managers in the interview sessions what barriers they faced to implement what they learn from the training and to change themselves so he comes up with six barriers which restrict them to implement what they
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In the training, we attain people attention, motivates them to care them and encourage them to achieve the common goals that what we do in the leadership we engage followers, motivates them shows them the clear vision to achieve the common goal. But there is some difference between the leadership and training. High-performance teams always build under the leadership not by the training. Training tells us what to do and how to do the things or specific task and leadership tells the same thing with the pride and care. Leaders select the right person for the right job because they know about the strengths and weakness of their team vs compare to the trainer just tell us how to perform in the particular situation with specific behavior. Leadership tells about the caring and training tells about the knowledge. So training is important for the entry level employees to give them the knowledge but if you want effectiveness within the organization you need leadership with training, good leaders on the executive positions. Leadership can be taught by the training but for that, a person has its own desire to be a leader. A good training gives direction towards leadership but for that, you must be passionate to be a leader. A good training leads you toward good leadership by providing you necessary
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